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Site Clean Up


From 1915 until 2002 the site was used first as a refinery (until 1950) and later as a crude oil storage and transfer facility. While the property is no longer in use, historic operations led to soil and groundwater contamination which require environmental cleanup, also known as remediation. The property is currently being cleaned up under the direction of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) working in concert with Chevron and a number of other government agencies. A human health risk assessment (HHRA) found that the site poses no threat to nearby residents under current conditions, but that additional clean up is needed to prepare the property for future development. An ecological risk assessment was also undertaken to determine risks to plants and animals on the site.

We are providing links to materials that offer additional information on site details and clean up plans and community outreach activities. Plan documents and technical data reports are available at EPA’s website and also at the Fillmore City Hall.

Fillmore By the Numbers PDF (En Español) 
Chevron releases 2015 Groundwater Treatment System video. Watch here.
US EPA releases October 2014 fact sheet regarding construction of groundwater cleanup remedy (En Español)
Chevron releases Fillmore Works 2014 Restoration video. Watch it now.
US EPA releases video “Pacific Coast Pipeline Superfund Site Cleanup.” Watch the video here.
Fillmore Works 2013 Remediation Activities video

2011 PCPLPL Demo
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